FLIR FX 2.0: World’s Most Versatile Security Camera Gets New Features and Improvements

By John Distelzweig
Vice President and General Manager, FLIR Security

In the months since launching our very first home monitoring device, FLIR FX, we have received excellent feedback from our diverse customer base. Our users had passionate responses for everything from the app user interface, to the RapidRecapfeature to specific hardware components. These comments have proven to be invaluable to our team, and today we’re excited to introduce FLIR FX 2.0, a series of product upgrades that will bring greater functionality to FLIR FX.

The FLIR FX may be small, but it packs a complex array of features that require a host of different functions to work in concert: from cloud computing to Wi-Fi connectivity, to the performance of night vision IR LEDs in a myriad of scenarios. We’ve melded these functions to create a seamless experience within a versatile device that keeps a watchful eye on the things you care about, whether it’s your business or your home, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, at midnight or midday.

We designed FLIR FX 2.0 to ensure the FX experience is unique through a combination of firmware updates, mobile app upgrades, and the introduction of a desktop web app.

Below are the feature and improvement highlights for FLIR FX 2.0:

  1. MyFX Web App: You asked for it; you got it. Available today, you can now view all your FLIR FX cameras and recordings on the web—no mobile app required. Simply visit and click the MyFX tab at the upper right of the screen. Log in with your FLIR FX user ID and password to start reviewing your RapidRecaps and live feeds from all of your cameras within seconds.
  2. - HD Cloud Recording: For video motion detection and RapidRecaps, you can now record and stream video in high definition. 
  3. - 5X Zoom: Although the FLIR FX can now stream in HD, sometimes a closer look can help decipher what you’ve captured. FLIR FX 2.0 provides the ability to zoom up to 5X during playback, enabling you to get closer to what’s going on. 
  4. - Privacy Mode: Don’t want to record while you are home? No problem. FLIR FX 2.0 includes a one-click privacy setting, ensuring your FLIR FX devices won’t record when your objective is privacy. 
  5. - Enhanced Motion Detection: Paired with the existing SmartZone feature’s ability to trigger recordings within specific areas of the FX camera’s field of view, we’ve improved motion detection to reduce false alerts and ensure you capture what’s important. 
  6. - Improved Two-Way Intercom Quality and Performance: FX 2.0 doubles the communication speed to make it easier to video chat via your FLIR FX.
  7. - More Recording Options: The devices now allows users to start and stop recording in 1080p directly to the SD card from the app—in addition to recording while in live view—all the while offering faster connectivity.
To ensure you can access all these improvements and more, make sure to download the FLIR FX 2.0 app for iOS or Android. Also, be sure to upgrade your firmware to version 1267.
For the web app, no download is required. It’s supported for all major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and more.
We are excited to unveil these new features, but rest assured we’re already thinking about the next update. Keep those comments coming and we will continue our work to make FLIR FX the best security camera available.
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