FLIR Machine Vision Model Selector: Choosing the Right Camera or Sensor

FLIR is proud to offer a wide range of machine vision cameras designed to meet your organization's specific needs. But sorting through more than 200 different camera models can be tricky.

The solution? The new FLIR Machine Vision Model Selector.

This grid system allows you to filter and sort the models using EMVA 1288 specifications, including quantum efficiency, dynamic range, pixel size, saturation capacity, interfaces, and absolute sensitivity.

The selector is easy to use: simply select the specifications you need from the dropdown menu for each filter criteria. 

machinevision_filter to specs.jpg


If you want to change the sorting order, just click on the column header. 

machinevision_column sort.jpg


Once you've narrowed your search, you can check boxes in the Compare column at the far right 


and then click the compare button at the bottom of your screen to display each camera's specifications as a chart.


FLIR brings innovative to the machine vision space with thermal and visible imaging systems, as well as deep learning cameras, people counting systems, inference cameras, and more. Our products enhance public safety, increase efficiency, and enable healthy communities, making FLIR the global leader in high-performance digital cameras for traffic, industrial, life science, GIS, and people counting applications.


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Try the Model Selector Now

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