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Inspecting Natural Gas Compressors

See how optical gas imaging or a visual borescope can aid in finding hidden leaks in natural gas compressors.

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Tank Level Inspection

Thermal imaging allows oil and gas companies to gauge tank levels without direct contact and distinguish small changes in temperature.

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Motors, Pumps, and Valves

Motor, pump, and valve inspections using thermal imaging technology can be vital to predictive maintenance programs for so many businesses.

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The oil and gas industry faces a wide range of maintenance challenges, from pipe failures and equipment break-downs to invisible gas leaks. If problems aren’t discovered early, companies could face millions of dollars in financial, product, or equipment losses, as well as negative environmental impact and personnel safety issues. Download the FLIR Oil and Gas Solutions brochure to learn more about predictive maintenance and inspection solutions that can help companies address these challenges head-on.



Test & Measurement

Tools for fast, accurate troubleshooting

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Thermal/Visual Cameras

Solutions to help you survey from any angle

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Gas Detection and Boiler/Furnace Inspection

Visualize gas leaks and see through flames with these cameras

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Software and Hardware Solutions

Innovative FLIR data-management products

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