Webinar: Thermal imaging - helping mines stay productive and safe

In an industry where adverse weather and environmental conditions are workplace norms for hundreds of thousands of workers, thermal imaging has proven to be a dependable tool to help limit unscheduled downtime, improve workplace safety, and in the process, save millions of dollars.

Teledyne FLIR along with one of our key software integration partners, BCB, brings you this infomative webinar to detail how integrating thermal imaging into mining operations can save money on electrical and mechanical maintenance, condition monitoring, and improve worker safety. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Valuable insights FLIR cameras can provide into several different mining applications
  • How BCB provides customers with turnkey solutions, enabling quick installation and access to meaningful results
  • Advantages that infrared thermal cameras can provide, from improving efficiency in mining processes to avoiding unnecessary and unforeseen interruptions in production
  • How to improve plant security