Understanding Quantitative OGI

New technology is making it possible to quantify the gas leaks you find with optical gas imaging (OGI). Pairing a Providence Photonics QL320™ with a FLIR GFx320 or FLIR GF320 camera allows you to measure mass or volumetric leak rates for most hydrocarbons. And since the technology works with FLIR cameras, you can take your measurements while maintaining a safe distance from potentially hazardous leaks.

The QL320 technology can be easy to master—with a little training. So FLIR and Providence Photonics are offering these two free webinars to get you up to speed on OGI and qOGI.

The Basics of Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging

This information-packed seminar covers the fundamentals of optical gas imaging (OGI) and quantitative OGI, as well as introduces the viewer to features and applications of the QL320.

A Comprehensive Training on Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging

This webinar covers the fundamentals of OGI, qOGI, and the QL320, as well as provides comprehensive tips and recommendations for using the QL320. You’ll see the QL320 in use, be introduced to a variety of applications, and gain a better understanding of this product’s performance.