Webinar: Improve Safety, Minimize Property Damage and Downtime: Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Prevention

With the rise of battery-powered technologies, including electric vehicles and energy storage systems, the risk of battery fires has intensified, necessitating reliable and swift detection systems. Traditional smoke detectors are often ineffective in identifying battery fires. Those devices require specialized early fire detection systems such as infrared cameras, to detect and prevent catastrophic damage accurately.

In this webinar hosted by Teledyne FLIR and Dave Bursell, Vice President, Business Development for MoviTHERM, we explore the benefits of these systems, including improved safety, minimized property damage, and reduced downtime. We also present the latest technologies and best practices to ensure the safety and reliability of battery-powered systems.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How MoviTHERM IEFD (Intelligent Early Fire Detection) combined with FLIR infrared cameras delivers powerful capabilities for preventing lithium battery fires
  • The basics of Li-Ion Battery operation
  • How infrared cameras detect hot spots on Li-Ion Batteries
  • How cloud connectivity optimizes situational awareness to promote safety, minimize property loss, and maximize uptime