ORLEN refinery deploys FLIR Systems SR-100 thermal imaging cameras

Protecting the perimeter at one of Central Europe's largest petrochemical facilities. Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN, better known as PKN ORLEN is a Polish company. It is one of Central Europe's largest refiners of crude oil. ORLEN specializes in processing crude oil into world-class unleaded petrol, diesel, heating oil, and aviation fuel as well as plastics and other petroleum related products.

Employing more than 20,000 people, PKN ORLEN operates 7 refineries, of which 3 are located in Poland: Plock, Trzebinia and Jedlicze. Another 3 are located in the Czech Republic and one in Lithuania. ORLEN processes mainly URAL blend crude oil, shipped from Russia via the Friendship pipeline.

Security at ORLEN's main complex in Plock, Poland

The main refining and petrochemical complex islocated in Plock, about 2 hours driving from Warsaw, Poland. The complex in Plock is ranked amongst the most advanced and modern facilities of its kind in Europe. Just like at every petrochemical plant, security is taken extremely serious at the refinery in Plock. Preventing unauthorized access is a big concern which is not taken lightly. Not only at the gate, the entire perimeter of the plant is tightly secured.

Thermal imaging: an extra addition to the security network

"It is not an easy task to secure the petrochemical plant here in Plock and to prevent unauthorized access. The refinery does not only need to be protected during the day against unwanted visitors. My task is to see to it that it is safe during the dark hours of the night as well." explains Mr. Jacek Kotulski.

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