Experience FLIR Research Studio

The Professional version of Research Studio gives you the ability to export previously recorded thermal data files in a unique format which you can then open in our free Research Studio Player program. There is no limit to the size of exported files and files can be distributed without any licensing requirements. The Player program also features multi-language and multi-platform support (Windows, MacOS, Linux) to improve collaboration between team members, increase efficiency, and help reduce the potential for misinterpretation due to poor translations.

You can download the FLIR Research Studio Player program here:

Download Research Studio Player

Below is a collection of Research studio Player files we’ve created for multiple applications using various FLIR R&D/Science thermal cameras.

To get started, simply download one of the files below and open in using the Research Studio Player program.


High Definition Airbag Deployment Testing

High Definition and high speed thermal measurement and testing on airbag deployment.



Airbag Deployment Testing

High speed thermal measurement and testing on side airbag deployment.



Airplane Tracking and Target Signature

Airplane tracking and target signature with thermal camera.


We can’t wait for you to try out the new FLIR Research Studio today!

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