Pinpoint Accuracy and Instant Reporting: Use Thermal Imaging Cameras to Enhance Home Inspection

A recent study from Citizen’s Advice highlighted that more than nine in 10 homeowners are worried about their energy bills, and 9% of households say they can’t afford them without making sacrifices elsewhere or leaving other bills unpaid.

As people try to keep costs under control during the global energy crisis, the demand for home inspection services is likely to skyrocket. While this will be good for business, it will put increasing pressure on home inspection professionals. In order to meet this increased demand, it will be important to be able to reach more customers, whilst continuing to provide a thorough, high-quality service.

Home inspection professionals need a more proactive, dynamic way to make sure their customers’ homes aren’t wasting energy needlessly through invisible areas of heat and energy loss. That means finding market-leading tools that provide outstanding accuracy and insights while also streamlining the reporting process to match.

With Teledyne FLIR’s range of thermal imaging cameras designed especially for home inspection professionals, you can increase the speed and precision of your inspections and on-the-spot reporting with ease. As a result, you can diagnose and report problems quickly, and carry out more inspections each day.

Koen Jacobs, Condition Monitoring Sales Director for Europe says, “The three main areas for home inspection professionals to focus on are always windows, walls and doors – key areas of energy loss. Our home inspection thermal cameras have been made by experts, for experts. They’re fast and easy to use, and home inspection professionals rely on them to deliver value to their customers.”

Benefits of FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras for Home Inspection

Every manual report you generate after a home inspection takes up valuable time. Our thermal imaging cameras use the powerful FLIR Thermal Studio reporting software, to instantly produce pre-populated reports that you can edit as necessary. They’re also compatible with the FLIR Ignite cloud, letting you store and manage thousands of images. This not only empowers you to meet surging demand but also refines your workflow for maximum efficiency.

Home inspections aren’t just about producing reports quickly, however. They’re also about delivering the most detailed and accurate insights possible. In comparative analysis testing, FLIR’s products consistently outperform other brands for accuracy and precision. This allows you to offer a highly competitive service and build an even greater reputation for quality, efficiency, and speed.

Our customer service team is always available to guide you towards the right FLIR product for your needs. They’re also on-hand to offer aftersales support and advice, which helps you – and by extension your customers – get the most out of your thermal camera.

FLIR’s Home Inspection Thermal Cameras

FLIR E8-XT – This 76,000 pixel infrared detector is the perfect tool for diagnosing electrical, mechanical and building problems. It operates within a -20oC to 550oC temperature range and connects to the FLIR Tools app so you can share images and findings at speed.


FLIR E52 – This 240 x 180 pixel thermal detector offers streamlined reporting via integration with FLIR routing software, a built-in mic for voice annotation, and report generation features. Its temperature measurements are accurate up to 550oC and it’s fully compatible with FLIR’s Thermal Studio reporting software, meaning you can create reports faster, saving you time and freeing you up to inspect more properties.

FLIR-E52_main image.png

Deliver a Superior Home Inspection Service

Using the best thermal imaging cameras lets you provide the best home inspection service. With the most efficient, highest-quality tools on the market to hand, you’ll be able to help more people save energy in their homes. Find out how getting the best from your intelligent sensing technology can bring maximum value to your customers.

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