Marine Multifunction Display Integration

FLIR cameras integrate with leading MFD systems from Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin and Simrad.  When integrated together the FLIR thermal camera is displayed inside the multifunction display’s user interface.  Adjustments to the camera’s setting and configuration are also made through the MFD.

The FLIR thermal camera’s output is displayed as an application in the marine multifunction displays.  On most systems the thermal camera can be show in full screen or in a window alongside other applications like electronic chart or radar.  Many MFD manufacturers offer advanced levels of integration including thermal camera slew-to-cue, AIS and ARPA target tracking, and man-overboard tracking.

When integrated with Raymarine Axiom series MFDs, the FLIR M132 and M232 models also offer ClearCruise IR Video Analytics.  The FLIR camera will automatically detect and mark non-water objects in the scene with brackets to highlight their positions.  The MFD can also sound an alert whenever a new object is detected.