Inspection of Power Transmission Equipment

Hydropower generation involves utilizing the difference of water height to convert the kinetic energy of water into electrical energy which is transmitted through electric cables. Any malfunction in the generation, transmission, and use of power can potentially cause the power supply system to collapse. To ensure stable and safe use of hydropower, such projects need to be regularly inspected.

Electric energy cannot be stored. For this reason, it needs to be promptly transmitted to millions of households as soon as it is produced. To ensure that electric power is promptly delivered to electrical equipment, the equipment involved in its transmission would also need to be regularly inspected.

Pad-mounted transformers

Users can choose FLIR Exx hand-held thermal cameras to carry out regular temperature checks to detect the distribution of temperature on the surface of every transformer, and thus easily find obscured electrical faults and traces of mechanical wear-and-tear for immediate repair.

Application Story

power transmission equipment-1.png power transmission equipment-2.png

The low-voltage side of No. 1 Main Transformer identified as Sp1 showed a temperature of 65.8, which was about 40 higher than the normal temperature of Sp2 and Sp3. The abnormality was obvious and significant.

Operators of a hydropower station in a Min River tributary in Sichuan discovered abnormalities in the main transformers after using FLIR IR cameras.

Further inspection by field engineers found that the abnormally high temperature was the result of fatigue of the insulation gasket. Timely discovery prevented the risk of machine stoppage.

Electric substations

Typical power transmission equipment found in a substation, including transformers, breakers, switches, and relays. Users can opt for FLIR T1K high-definition thermal cameras to carry out electrical Inspections. They enable users to see equipment and components from afar as well as at a near distance.

Application Story

power transmission equipment-3.png power transmission equipment-4.png

Operators of a Qinyi River tributary in Sichuan, China discovered while using the FLIR T series thermal imaging cameras to check a switch station, temperature abnormality in the connector of its high-voltage cable tower. The initial impression of defective connection.

MV circuit breaker and power-transmission lines etc. can also be inspected using the aforesaid FLIR products.