Vision Automates Jar Inspection

By Greig Lambourne

Jars of foodstuffs must be inspected prior to shipment to ensure that they have an expiry date code printed on their lids, that the correct labels have been affixed and that their tamper proof seals are present.

In the past, food jars were inspected manually, a time consuming, expensive process that was prone to human error. To reduce the cost of manual inspection and improve efficiency, AarhusKarlshamn (AAK; Runcorn, England) turned to Adbro Controls to develop an automated vision-based system specifically for the purpose of inspecting its products.

By reconfiguring the system under software control, it is capable of inspecting different shapes and sizes of jars containing food products such as mayonnaise, mustard and salad dressing.

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Reprinted with permission from the Vision Systems Design article, "Vision Automates Jar Inspection", featured in the Volume 18, Issue 8 (09/01/2013) Magazine.

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