Sony Pregius® Global Shutter CMOS

High-Speed CMOS Sensor with Distortion-Free Global Shutter Technology

Sony's Pregius global shutter CMOS technology truly fulfills its promise: crisp, clear, distortion-free images at high speeds. With Pregius, Sony does more than provide a migration path from their most popular CCD sensors. Pregius offers significant performance gains, and with its newly announced third generation, additional on-sensor features.

Learn about Sony's 3rd generation sensors: IMX420 CMOS

Pregius CMOS Comparison Charts

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  • 2.3 MP Pregius performance with Sony CCD and e2V (mono)
  • The 5 MP Pregius performance with Sony CCD, CMOSIS, and Sharp (mono) 
  • The 9 MP IMX255 performance with Sony CCD ICX814 and ICX694 (mono)

Third Generation Pregius

The upcoming third generation of Pregius global shutter sensors introduces a new pixel size as well as new on-sensor features.

New Pixel Size & Speed Updates

A new 4.5 µm pixel size balances the saturation capacity of the first generation 5.86 µm pixel with the resolution of generation two’s 3.45 µm pixel. Generation three maintains the low read noise and high quantum efficiency Pregius sensors are known for while offering over 5dB more dynamic range than previous generations. In terms of speed, a new SLVS-EC internal interface doubles the sensor’s bandwidth compared to second generation devices. The first device, the IMX420, can output an impressive 12-bit 7.1 MP images at up to 134 frames per second.

New On-Sensor Features

  • Low latency self-trigger mode allows you to assign a region of interest as a sensing ROI and another as a capture ROI. When an object is detected in the sensing region, it can automatically trigger image acquisition in a capture region.

  • Region of interest overlap mode enables the definition of overlapping regions of interest, saving interface bandwidth.
  • Dual-trigger mode allows you to capture two regions of interest at different exposures, eliminating the need for multiple exposures or HDR imaging in many applications.

One Exposure

Using Dual-Trigger Mode

Sony Pregius Roadmap

With the upcoming models, Sony will soon offer a migration path from its most popular CCD sensors to higher performing global shutter CMOS sensors.

Megapixels Optical Format Outgoing Sony CCD Replacement Sony Pregius Resolution Pixel Size (μm) Pregius Generation Availability
0.33 → 0.4 1/4" → 1/2.9" ICX618 IMX287 728 x 544 6.9 Second Shipping
0.33 → 0.5 1/2" ICX414 To Be Announced     Third Upcoming
1.3 → 1.6 1/3" → 1/2.9" ICX445 IMX273 1456 x 1008 3.45 Second Upcoming
2.0 1/1.8" → 1/1.7" ICX274 IMX422 1632 x 1248 4.5 Third Upcoming
1.5 → 2.3 2/3"  → 1/1.2" ICX825 IMX174 1936 x 1216 5.86 First Shipping
2.8 2/3 ICX674 IMX421 1944 x 1472 4.5 Third Upcoming
2.8 → 3.2 1/1.8" ICX687 IMX252 2064 x 1544 3.45 Second Shipping
4.1 → 5.1 1/1.8" → 2/3" ICX808 IMX250 2464 x 2056 3.45 Second Shipping
6.0 → 7.1 1" ICX694 IMX420 3216 x 2208 4.5 Third Upcoming
9.0 1" ICX814 IMX255 4112 x 2176 3.45 Second Shipping
12.0 1" → 1.1" ICX834 IMX253 4112 x 3008 3.45 Second Shipping
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