ON Semiconductor PYTHON

Low Cost, High-Speed, Global Shutter CMOS Technology

  • High-speed performance

  • Low read noise

  • Global shutter readout

The new PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor is a family of high performance CMOS sensors with a resolution range of 0.3 MP to 5 MP. The sensors feature global shutter for distortion free imaging and utilizes on-sensor noise reduction techniques to reduce the read noise below 9 e-.

The PYTHON 1300 in the Chameleon3 allows for the flexibility of a metal case and board level with a pancake style metal housing with very short depth for tight installations. The PYTHON 1300 sensor continues the legacy of its predecessor the VITA1300, maintaining the same ½” optical format, while improving on imaging performance such as temporal dark noise.


  • Quality control systems for cable assemblies
  • 3D scanning such as dental scanners and parts characterization
  • Barcode readers and optical character recognition
  • Biometric security with iris scanning and finger print identification


FLIR Model
Sensor VITA1300  PYTHON 1300
Manufacturer On Semi  On Semi
Sensor Size 1/2"  1/2"
Pixel Size 4.8 μm  4.8 μm
Frame Rate 150 FPS  149 FPS
Read Noise (e-) 26.26  9.28
Saturation Capacity (e-) 10226  6057
Dynamic Range (dB) 51.64  55.84
Quantum Efficiency  (% at 525 nm) 61  59
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