Affordable Consumer Hyperspectral Camera?

A team of computer science and electric engineers from the University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA; and Microsoft Research (Redmond, WA, USA; have developed an affordable hyperspectral camera that uses visible and near-infrared light.

This system costs approximately $800 and is based on a FL3-U3-13Y3M-C USB 3.1 camera. The camera features a 1.3 MPixel ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ, USA; VITA1300 CMOS image sensor that can achieve frame rate up to 150fps and is sensitive from 350-1080 nm with peak quantum efficiency at 560 nm. The camera uses 17 different spectral bands that are created using narrow-band, off-the-shelf LEDs configured in a ring arrangement. The wavelengths for these LEDs vary from 450 to 990 nm, and were selected to cover the camera's sensitivity range.


Read the full article at Vision Systems Design

Reprinted with permission from the Vision System Design article, "Researchers develop inexpensive hyperspectral camera", (12/10/2015).

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