FLIR Machine Vision Cameras – Customization Options and Special Requests

FLIR Machine Vision offers a wide variety of reliable industrial grade cameras with over 150 camera models to choose from. Our portfolio spans from small to large resolution sensors, standard to high speed framerates, multiple form factors (including board level versions), and come with built-in support for some of the most popular machine vision interfaces and standards. Our design, engineering and manufacturing teams understand these diverse requirements and develop vision components suited for a wide variety of applications with COTS (Commercially-Off-The-Shelf) hardware ready for integration.

However, we recognize that several OEMs and specialized system integrators require additional support with customizations and/or fine-tuning to ensure a perfect fit for their application needs. To support such customers, Flir offers customization options on our most popular machine vision camera families.

*MoQ (Minimum Order Quantity) thresholds apply for several customization options; please use the Contact Us form on this page to consult a machine vision expert.

Customization Options

FLIR offers hardware, firmware, and optical customizations; the following are examples of customizations we have done in the past.

1] Hardware

Custom Branding

With custom branding, it’s possible to do a number of changes to the basic branding each camera comes with; from pad printing a custom logo on the side of the camera, to changing location of sticker label, to modifying its content.

Loctite Adhesion

Loctite is an industrial grade adhesive that can be applied on lens mount screws (and cs mount adapters), providing extra structural strength against vibration and/or impacts.

Lens Mounts

Different mounting options allow integration with a wide variety of optics; you can change camera mounts from CS mount to C mount, C mount to CS mount, or remove the lens mount entirely.


An example of three different mount types on a Firefly camera

2] Firmware

Locked Firmware

Ship the cameras with a specific firmware version, whether it be the latest we have available, or a specific version that has already gone through your internal development and testing.  The firmware remains “locked”; i.e. no changes to the firmware can be made during the duration of the camera’s lifecycle, without your permission.

Custom Default Settings

Have the camera pre-configured with defined settings including ROI, framerate, exposure, gain and more.  This saves engineers the time of manually configuring each camera prior to integration.

3] Optical

Window Glass Removal

Removal of glass window inside the camera lens mount

IR Filter Replacement with Clear Glass

Color cameras automatically come included with IR cut filter glass; this would replace this glass with normal clear glass (used in mono cameras).

Dust Protection

FLIR cleans and assembles all machine vision camera optical assemblies at our Canadian manufacturing plant in an ISO certified clean environment (ISO7 - Class 10000). However, some applications require an even higher standard. In such cases, FLIR offers Enhanced Dust Control Service on all its machine vision cameras except Blackfly S Board Level (USB3/GigE) and all Firefly models.

Special Requests and Other Customizations

With over 20 years of machine vision expertise, we understand the complexities of designing and integrating vision systems. Our solution experts can provide guidance with finding the right cameras and/or recommend customizations for your specific requirements. Our repertoire of custom machine vision cameras and components serve some of the most cutting-edge industrial applications around the world. *Examples of non-standard customizations have included swapping or integrating new sensors, customizing form factors, cabling and several other unique use cases.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore feasibility of special requests and customizations not covered in this article.

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