July 2021 Developer Update

Hey FLIR developers,

I hope this update finds you all healthy, busy, and happy.  Here we are in July of 2021 and it seems the year is just flying by; either a sign that we’re super busy or we’re still in this weird COVID time warp – or maybe both.  As always there’s a lot going on so let’s get to it!

FLIR acquired by Teledyne

Read all about it here!  TELEDYNE FLIR – Everywhereyoulook™ – this acquisition makes sense on a lot of levels, and we’re still moving forward with our plans to keep improving our SDKs and developer tools.  More on tools below.

New FLIR Mobile SDK developer tools.  

Need to borrow a FLIR device for a short while for development and testing?  Our loaner pool may help!  Want to purchase something that you can keep for that purpose? Our developer discount of 25% on limited quantities will come in handy!  Want a better way to stay plugged in to the FLIR Developer community and benefit from the experiences of others?  We’re moving our Developer Forum to the Stack Overflow platform in the near future and our support team will diligently monitor it for ways we can help you – but remember your best path to SDK technical support is still to submit a request at flir.custhelp.com.  


We mentioned this in our last blogpost, just wanted to give a quick update.  Development is ongoing for adding support for the CAT S62 device in the FLIR Mobile SDK and it looks like that’ll be released in the early Fall – and until then we’ll keep supporting the FLIR ONE SDK so you’re covered on S60 and S61 support.


New mobile apps based on FLIR Mobile SDK. 

The Multisens-1234 app is designed to test drive different Machine Condition Monitoring sensors including FLIR thermal cameras and instruments, connect to them and plot the Time Waveform graph and the Vibration Spectrum in Acceleration, dB and Velocity.  Great job by David B. and the team at SensOS!  The  MedicPad Infrared Employee & Visitor Screening Kiosk, for initial EBT screening purposes only, uses qualified FLIR thermal cameras for surface body temperature related screening checkpoints.  We want to take a moment to recognize and congratulate Mike D. and the team at MedicPad SRL on being the first developer to meet all the special requirements for launching a FLIR-approved EBT app, which are briefly described in this earlier blogpost.  For more info about this send a note to Heliel.Morales@teledyneflir.com.

multisens1234-icon.png    medicpad-icon.png

Developer program handoff. 

On a personal note, I (Cal) want to personally thank you all for ~8 years of doing some really creative, fun, and impactful things together!  From now on Heliel Morales will be your go-to guy for all things related to Teledyne FLIR third party mobile app development.  Keep bringing the creativity and hard work – I know you’re in g  ood hands and I look forward to seeing more awesome mobile apps using thermal imaging to change the way we see the world.  Really … it’s been great and I appreciate you!  – Cal


Happy developing,

Cal and Heliel

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