Where can I buy FireWire/IEEE-1394 and digital camera accessories?

Last Revision Date: 10/21/2015

This article is intended to provide our customers with some useful links to third-party FireWire (IEEE 1394) and digital camera accessory manufacturers. Accessory categories include: FireWire accessories such as software development kits; host adapter cards; bus analyzers; hubs and repeaters; and cables and fiber optic extenders; as well as generic camera lenses; illumination and lighting sources; and protective cases and enclosures.

Note: We are not responsible for incompatibilities between FireWire or camera accessories and our FireWire cameras. In addition, we do not officially recommend any manufacturer over another.


Software Development Kits (SDK)

We provide a full Software Development Kit with each of our cameras. For customers interested in compatibility with our camera and other third-party camera drivers or software applications, refer to our Software Partners page.

 Host Adapter Cards

We offer a variety of IEEE-1394a and 1394b host adapters.
Laptop/notebook CardBus (PCMCIA) and ExpressCard solutions can be purchased from IOI Technology Corporation.

Bus Analyzers

Hubs and Repeaters

We provide a variety of IEEE-1394b hubs and repeaters.

IEEE-1394a hubs and repeaters, fiber optic extenders, and other extenders can also be purchased from the following vendors:

Cables and Fiber Optic Extenders

We provide a variety of FireWire cables, with an assortment of connector (e.g., 4 pin, 6 pin, 9 pin) ends, flex capabilities (e.g., high flex, skinny) and lengths (e.g., 0.5, 4.5, 10 m).

Custom cables can be purchased from the following vendors:

Fiber Optic Extenders can be purchased from the following vendors:


Lenses and Optics

The following manufacturers provide a wide array of C/CS-mount lenses and microlenses that may be used with our cameras. Please contact the individual manufacturers to determine the lens model(s) best suited to your application and camera specifications.

Illumination and Lighting Sources

The following manufacturers provide a variety of light sources for illuminating your project environment:

Protective Cases and Enclosures

APG offers custom camera cases and environmental/protective enclosures that are compatible with some of our camera models.