Using Bumblebee Stereo Vision Products under Linux

Last Revision Date: 6/21/2016

This article explains how to acquire images and perform stereo processing with Bumblebee XB3 and Bumblebee2 stereovision cameras using libdc1394, FlyCapture2, and Triclops.

Acquiring images

    • Triclops version 3.4
      Use FlyCapture2 to acquire images from the camera.

    • Triclops version 3.3 or older
      Use the libdc1394 camera control and image acquisition libraries available from

Stereo Processing Images

    • Triclops version 3.4
      Examples for stereo processing are included with the Triclops SDK.

    • Triclops version 3.3 or older
      After downloading the required libraries from sourceforge as instructed in Acquiring Images, download the following files for examples of how to perform stereo processing on the images using libdc1394 and Triclops:

 Download Stereo Examplesv0.3 libdc1394 v2rc7

 Download Stereo Examples for libdc1394 v2.0.2

The Linux distribution identified with each release is the distribution under which it was compiled and tested. Other Linux distributions should work with these releases as long as they have similar kernel versions and are compatible with the build system GCC binaries.

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