Steps for removing Firefly MV CS-mount lens holder

Last Revision Date: 6/11/2014

This article explains how to remove the CS-mount lens holder from the Firefly MV printed circuit board.

Some users may wish to remove the black metal CS-mount lens holder that is mounted on the Firefly MV, so that they may use the microlens holder included with the Development Accessory Kit. To do this, remove the two screws holding the lens holder in place (marked by the red arrows in the figure below). Once the two screws are removed, the lens holder will still be held tightly in place by two small dowel pins that get pushed through small holes on the printed circuit board (marked by the blue arrows in the figure below). To remove the lens holder, grasp the Firefly MV board and pull the lens holder directly away from the camera. Apply enough force to separate the lens holder from the camera board.

NOTE: Users should take appropriate static discharge (ESD) precautions when handling bare board products. Failure to do so can cause damage to the camera physical layer (see "Common causes for physical layer (PHY) IC failure")or imaging sensor (see "Common causes of imaging sensor failures or malfunctions.").

Firefly MV drawing - front view