IEEE-1394a device enumeration problems under Windows Vista.

Last Revision Date: 5/19/2015

This article provides an explanation and possible solution for problems with IEEE-1394a device enumeration under Windows Vista.

When connecting an IEEE-1394a device to a computer that is running Windows Vista, Windows Vista may not enumerate the device correctly. For example, when a Dragonfly2 is connected to a Windows Vista system through an IEEE-1394a hub, the camera may not:

      1. Be detected by Windows Device Manager when the camera is first connected; or
      2. Be removed from Windows Device Manager when the camera is later disconnected.

This problem is caused by a known issue with the Windows Vista operating system. This does not affect other Windows operating systems. A more detailed explanation, and possible registry workaround, can be found in the following Microsoft knowledge base article:

A Microsoft hotfix is available to address the second issue listed above--removal of a device from Device Manager upon disconnect. 

Hardware problems can be ruled out as a cause of this behaviour by connecting the same device to a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP, which will enumerate the device successfully. 

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