What are the different HSDR configurations?

HSDR: The complete HSDR system contains all components necessary to capture, record, playback, and review camera data. While recording camera data to the real-time disk array, data can be concurrently viewed by the Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface.  This system can record long duration image sequences without dropping frames.

HSDR "Viewing Station": The HSDR Viewing Station provides the computer hardware necessary for playback and review of image data that has already been stored on an HSDR disk array.  The Viewing Station does provides a GigE interface like the "GigE Only" system described  below but it has no capability to record real-time camera data to a HSDR disk array. This system is mainly used by image analysts that do not operate camera systems. The viewing station is the same kind of computer as the full system but without the real-time Camera Link interface. The SCSI disk array can be moved from a full system to the viewing station for post processing of recordings.

HSDR "GigE Only":  The HSDR GigE Only system only provides the capability to capture, record, playback, and review camera data over the GigE interface.  This system does not contain the real-time disk array or its drivers.  This system has a potential of dropping frames while recording image sequences.

Dual HSDR: This has the same basic capability as the normal HSDR but it allows for recording of two SC4000 (320x256) or SC6000 (640x512) cameras simultaneously in one 4U chassis.

HSDR Full: This has the same capability as the normal HSDR except it provides a Camera Link Full interface to capture up to 205 megapixels per second (410MB/sec).  The SC8000 1k x 1k camera requires the HSDR Full since its real-time interface is Camera Link Full.

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