Long-Range, High Resolution Target Detection Radar

Ranger R20SS

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The FLIR Ranger® R20SS is a ground and coastal surveillance radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 20-km range. With its solid-state electronic scanning capability and fast 2-Hz refresh rate, the Ranger R20SS delivers best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance. Because it operates in the X-band, R20SS is minimally affected by adverse weather or precipitation. It scans a +/-90° area twice per second with low false alarm rate.

Solid state electronic scanning at its fastest

  • Accurate Target Location

    Advanced tracking algorithms enable fast detection and track initiation, resulting in high accuracy with a low false alarm rate.

  • X-Band System Reliability

    All-weather X-band operation means minimal effects from adverse precipitation and extreme climate conditions.

  • Low SWaP Applications

    Low SWaP minimizes infrastructure costs and its light weight and easy implementation makes R20SS ideal for vehicle or man-portable deployment.

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Ranger R20SS