Air and Ground Drone Surveillance Radar

Ranger® R20SS-3D

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The Ranger® R20SS-3D has the vertical coverage, low minimum detection velocity and algorithms to detect and track up to 512 threats simultaneously, including drones, while filtering bird detections. The R20SS-3D can monitor the coverage area up to four times per second, running 24/7, detecting ground and aerial threats in virtually any climate, day and night. Its low weight, ruggedness, and ease of integration in Command and Control systems make the radar an ideal candidate for cost-effective C-UAS solutions.

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    R20SS-3D reports target elevation and allows automatic slew-to-cue of cameras and countermeasures for seamless integration.


    Wide 40° beam elevation provides complete hemispherical detection of virtually every land and aerial target, including micro UAS. With the pan/tilt mount or the 4-panel option, the R20SS-3D covers 360°.


    Ground and airborne threats are detected simultaneously while accurately displaying each target’s location and elevation – whether it’s alone or part of a drone swarm.

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Ranger® R20SS-3D