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High bandwidth image transfer

Oryx 10GigE

Model: ORX-10G-71S7C-C: 7.1 MP, 112 FPS, Sony IMX420, Color Go to Product Support
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The award-winning Oryx 10GigE camera family allows systems designers to take advantage of the latest sensors by supporting transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s enabling capture of 4K resolution, 12-bit images at over 60 FPS. Oryx features include IEEE1588 clock synchronization and full compatibility with several popular third-party software supporting GigE Vision. Reliable image transfer at high bandwidth is further improved with Myricom bundles and packet resend feature. Oryx’s 10GBASE-T interface is a proven and widely deployed standard that provides reliable image transfer at cable lengths over 50 meters on inexpensive CAT6A, and up to 30 meters on CAT5e.

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  • High Speed 10GigE Interface

    10 Gbit/s transfer speed supports 4K60 (12-bit). Long cable lengths supporting CAT6A and CAT5e cables.

  • Reliability & Simplicity

    Large 10GBASE-T install base supports a favorable consumer and industrial ecosystems (Full GigE Vision compatibility). Reliable image transfer is ensured with Myricom bundles and packet resend feature.

  • Flexibility for Integrators

    IEEE1588 Clock Synchronization for precise timing across multiple devices - learn more. Color Correction Matrix, Gamma, Saturation and Sharpness reduce host-side processing requirements.

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3208 × 2200
Max Frame Rate Standard
Pixel Size
Lens Mount
Sensor Type
Sensor Model
Sony IMX420
Data Interface
10 GigE
Part Number
Acquisition Modes
Continuous Single Frame Multi Frame
Exposure Range
10 µs to 30 seconds
Flash Memory
4 MB non-volatile memory
Image Buffer
240 MB
Image Processing
Gamma, lookup table, pixel correction, target grey value, and sharpness
Max Frame Rate Standard
Partial Image Modes
Pixel binning, decimation, ROI
User Sets
2 user configuration sets for custom camera settings
Absolute Sensitivity Threshold (y)
5.39 (HCG) / 10.53 (LCG)
Dynamic Range dB
70.57 (HCG) / 71.88 (LCG)
Gain Range
0 db to 47 dB
Quantum Efficiency Blue
52 (HCG) / 53 (LCG) @460 nm
Quantum Efficiency Green
61 (HCG) / 62 (LCG) @530 nm
Quantum Efficiency Red
48 (HCG) / 49 (LCG) @625 nm
Saturation Capacity (e-)
11054 (HCG) / 25583 (LCG)
Temporal Dark Noise (Read Noise)
2.78 (HCG) / 6.02 (LCG)
Auxiliary Output
3.3 V, 120 mA maximum
Data Interface
10 GigE
Digitization Bit Depth (ADC)
8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit
Dimensions [W x H x L]
60 mm × 60 mm × 100 mm
Lens Mount
500 grams
Non-Isolated I/O Ports
2 bi-directional
Operating Humidity
20 to 80% (no condensation)
Operating Temperature
0° to 50°C
Opto-isolated I/O Ports
2 input, 2 output
Part Number
Pixel Size
Power Consumption [Maximum]
13.6 W (13.2 W nominal); GPIO power only
Power Requirements
12-24 V, via GPIO interface
3208 × 2200
Sensor Format
Sensor Model
Sony IMX420
Sensor Shutter Type
Global shutter
Sensor Type
Serial Port
1 (over non-isolated I/O)
Storage Humidity
20 to 95% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature
-30° to 60°C
Recommended System Configuration
4th Generation Intel Core i7 (or newer)
Hard Drive
200 MB hard drive space
Operating System
Windows or Linux (32–bit or 64–bit)
10GBASE–T Ethernet Port
Power Sourcing Equipment
Camera Power Supply (12v 1.5A, 12–pin Hirose)
8 GB RAM or more (dual channel)
Required Accessories
Lens, Cable, Host Adapter (10GigE), Power Supply (ACC-01-9013 )
Compliance & Certifications
CE, FCC, KCC, RoHS, REACH. The ECCN for this product is: EAR099.
Machine Vision Standard
GigE Vision v1.2
3 years
Media gallery
FLIR Oryx 10GigE Camera: First Look
FLIR Oryx 10GigE Camera: First Look
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Oryx 10GigE - Model: ORX-10G-71S7C-C: 7.1 MP, 112 FPS, Sony IMX420, Color

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2 746,00 € ex. VAT 3 295,20 € inc. approx. VAT (20 %)