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Inspection Workflow Software Plugin—12-Month Subscription

FLIR Route Creator

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The FLIR Route Creator Plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro allows you to create and export multiple inspection routes. Download these routes to FLIR Exx-Series, GF77, G-Series and T-Series cameras running the optional FLIR Inspection Route, and you have a powerful tool for streamlining inspections of multiple assets across a large site or across several locations. The route guides you along planned inspection points, where images and data are collected in a structured manner. Once the inspection is complete, you can import results back to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro for analysis and reporting.
The FLIR Route Creator Plugin is available as a 12-month subscription.

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  • Efficiently prepare and manage your inspection asset list

    Define your routes based on assets and inspection sites, then export to a compatible FLIR camera running FLIR Inspection Route.

  • Greater consistency performing inspections

    Achieve better trending and analysis by capturing images consistently with new Reference Imaging functionality.

  • Reduce reporting time

    Automate data management, analyze it in a logical sequence, and generate reports in only a few clicks.

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FLIR Route Creator

229,00 € ex. VAT 274,80 € inc. approx. VAT (20 %)