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Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit with PC Interface

Extech 42275

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The Extech 42275 is a Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit with PC Interface. This waterproof (IP65) datalogger records up to 16,000 readings (8,000 readings for each parameter) with a date/time stamp that can be downloaded to your PC for analysis. Temperature and humidity can be viewed on the datalogger's LCD display. Data can be downloaded from a docking station, which can add additional loggers. Programmable sampling rate from 1 second to 2 hours plus Hi/Lo limits with alarm indication. Product comes complete with docking station, software, and one 42270 datalogger with Li-Ion battery.

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Extech 42275

191,03 € 111,37 € ex. VAT 133,64 € inc. approx. VAT (20 %)