Announcing New Update to Screening Mode for FLIR T-Series and Exx-Series Cameras

The latest firmware release for T- and Exx-Series cameras brings exciting new features for elevated skin temperature screening. FLIR Screen EST™ Skin Temperature Screening Mode is a simplified measurement tool you can activate in your T- and Exx-Series camera to detect high skin temperatures, which may indicate the presence of a fever.

The firmware update introduces a new on-screen interface, including the addition of a silhouette for subject alignment.

Once screening mode is enabled on the camera, it will now guide operators to add 10 sample readings to establish a baseline for screening as well as remind users when new reference samples are needed after a period of time or if conditions change. The camera will provide an alarm when an object or person is detected to have an elevated temperature compared against the sampled average temperature value.

This update also brings a few new default settings:

  • Alarm temperature being set to 1°C or 1.8°F
  • Emissivity to 0.98
  • Automatic switch to black & white “Instalert” color palette for easier alarm identification

FLIR Exx-, FLIR T5xx-, FLIR T8xx-, and FLIR T10xx-Series cameras all support FLIR Screen EST mode and the new firmware update. You can download the update for free from the software and firmware section of our support website.

To learn more about screening for elevated body temperature, head here.

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