Update to FLIR Screen-EST™ Mode Adds New Features and Functionality

FLIR is announcing a new firmware release for T-Series and Exx-Series cameras that will make screening for elevated skin temperatures faster, easier, and more automated.

This firmware offers improvements to FLIR Screen-EST Mode, a simplified on-camera measurement tool you can activate in T5xx-, T8xx-, and Exx-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras to detect high skin temperatures—a potential sign of fever.

The updated firmware adds two new screening modes: Button and Auto. They're designed to make the screening process easier to follow while reducing the burden on screening station operators.   

  • Button Mode – Adds detailed sample average prompts, instruction graphics to help position screening subjects, and a pass/fail display. Operators can record sample averages and screening measurements from a safe, socially-distanced location using a Bluetooth®-enabled remote operation button, sold separately as an accessory.
  • Auto Mode – This fully-automated mode removes the need for constant interaction with the screening station. An operator is needed only to set an initial temperature baseline. From there, Auto screening mode guides the screening subject into position with graphics and text. Pass/fail graphics then direct the individual to continue on or to rescreen after waiting one minute. 

FLIR is offering a free firmware update to Button Mode or an optional, premium upgrade to both Button and Auto Mode. You can learn more and get links to purchases or the free download here.

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