FLIR Detection Sensors Help Reduce Heavy Congestion and Keep Pedestrians Safe

Push-button cross signals are a reliable way for pedestrians to cross intersections and roads safely.

However, there is one major drawback: once a button is pressed, these systems will cycle through to a green “Walk” signal whether or not pedestrians are present.

The city of Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands, recently decided to install around 150 FLIR detection sensors to detect pedestrians near crosswalks and to confirm push button requests for green. If the sensor sees the pedestrian leaving, and nobody else is present, it will cancel the call for green.

TrafiOne Netherlands crossing Image

The TrafOne thermal imaging sensor detects pedestrians and cyclists based on their temperature signatures

Having to wait at 'false' green lights can very frustrating for motorists and increases congestion in our streets. With a call cancellation approach, Haarlemmermeer are hoping to make traffic flow smoothly once again.

Read more about the positive impact this installation has had on the city of Haarlememeer.


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