FLIR Technology Used to Keep Children Safe at Busy Crossings

A smart pedestrian crossing that uses FLIR thermal imaging technology and LED road studs has made it safer for school children to cross a busy road.

To help prevent traffic incidents with children, the city of Hoofddorp, Netherlands, invested in a smart crossing near the school consisting of FLIR thermal pedestrian sensors and LED road studs. The FLIR sensors detect pedestrians or cyclists when they arrive at the crossing and, upon detection, activate the LED warning system. The moment someone approaches the crossing, the lights on the road surface blink and motorists are warned about the oncoming pedestrians.

The smart system makes use of FLIR ThermiCam camera sensors for vehicle and bike detection. These sensors use thermal imaging technology, which makes it possible to detect pedestrians and cyclists on a 24/7 basis, even in the dark of night or in bad weather conditions.

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