FLIR to help improve traffic flows in Riyadh

FLIR was recently selected to provide intelligent traffic sensors for a comprehensive intersection traffic control system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. More than 1,500 FLIR TrafiCam x-stream video sensors will be installed across 350 of Riyadh’s busiest intersections. Using vehicle presence and volume data generated by the sensors, Riyadh traffic officials will be able to adjust traffic signal timing in response to real-time traffic conditions, a significant upgrade over the existing fixed-time system.

The contract was awarded via local partner Saudi Controls and fits into a project commissioned by the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh and the Riyadh Traffic Department, called “Traffic Signals Management and Control System in Riyadh.” The advanced traffic control system was ordered to directly process road traffic information, and manage traffic signals across the city.

By detecting vehicles at the stop bar of an intersection, the FLIR TrafiCam x-stream sensors will allow Riyadh traffic officials to control traffic lights dynamically, based on the actual amount of vehicles on the road. This will significantly reduce vehicle waiting time and improve the flow of traffic. In addition to improving real-time mobility throughout Riyadh, the TrafiCam x-stream sensors will collect long-term traffic data that can help predict future traffic patterns in work and school zones, and during major planned events.

Comprehensive traffic management

All data collected by the FLIR sensors will be fed into the TransSuite® Traffic Control System developed by U.S.-based transportation firm TransCore, which was awarded the project in 2015 as the main contractor. The TransSuite Advanced Traffic Management System includes an adaptive control system to reduce congestion in the Kingdom’s capital city. TransCore’s software solution combines data, real-time communications and analytics to handle both routine and unexpected traffic conditions, and to facilitate immediate communications among agencies responding to an emergency or abnormality.

Intelligent traffic sensors

The FLIR TrafiCam x-stream sensor has been developed for detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections. Via IP, detection outputs or serial communications, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. The sensor’s video images are fed into the central control room, where operators can monitor traffic conditions of Riyadh intersections at all times.

TrafiCam x-stream can also be used to collect traffic data, such as volume, speed, occupancy, vehicle classification, gap time, traffic flow speed, and zone occupancy, all of which can be used for statistical purposes.

ITS across Saudi Arabia

Deliveries of the TrafiCam x-stream sensors have already begun and are expected to continue well into 2017. Also, previously to this contract, FLIR has a history of providing Saudi Arabia’s traffic authorities with intelligent sensors. As an example, FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems has been providing TrafiCam x-stream video sensors in the framework of the ATVAM program (Automated Traffic Violations Administering and Monitoring), which is integrating law enforcement, traffic management and security systems across Saudi Arabia to improve traffic safety and mobility in the Kingdom.

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