Recorded Webinar: Dealing with the Threat of Fire in Tunnels

Teledyne FLIR and Intelligent Transport join forces and explore the use of detection technology to make tunnels and roads safer.

User safety is the top priority for road and traffic authorities the world over as many cities and regions look to target zero road accidents during the next 10-15 years. Incident detection hardware and software has been a key factor in improving safety standards in the transport sector over the last five years. This webinar examines how rapidly advancing technology is making infrastructure smarter and roads safer. 

watch the webinar and learn:

1. How new technology is helping infrastructure managers to make better decisions to improve safety

2. How better connected technology can improve response times

3. How threats are developing as the nature of traffic changes

4. The challenges electric vehincles will bring to tunnel safety in the near future

Watch Below!

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