Mr. Norberto Ferretti, Chairman of Ferretti Group

An interview about FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras on board of Ferretti Group yachts

At the 2007 – 2008 Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes, Mr. Ferretti, Chairman of the Ferretti Group, allowed FLIR Systems an interview with regard to a FLIR Systems thermal imaging camera on board of his yacht, the Ziacanaia.

The Ferretti story started in 1968 when Norberto Ferretti together with his brother Alessandro, both driven by a great love for the sea, began a new "adventure" which brought them to create one of the most prestigious nautical shipyards in the world. Today, the Group boasts an impressive reputation of high-end yacht design and construction.

As can be expected from a yacht designed and constructed by one of the leading yacht builders in the world, it contains the most modern equipment for navigation. New on the yacht however is a FLIR Systems thermal imaging camera. During the boat show in Cannes, Mr. Ferretti was so kind as to explain FLIR Systems why he decided to install thermal imaging on board and his experiences with it.

The yacht of Mr. Ferretti: The Ziacanaia

"It is amazing! You see everything. Exactly like during the day. It is incredible. You see every detail of the other boats: the cockpit, the bridge, the anchor, you see everything. Even in total darkness.", Mr. Ferretti explained.

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