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intelliRock III Maturity Logger

Real-Time Concrete Strength Logger

intelliRock Maturity Loggers analyze the time and temperature profile of in–place concrete to calculate its strength in real–time with the push of a button. The maturity loggers are based on ASTM C 1074 "Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method."

intelliRock III Reader

Concrete Strength and Temperature Profiling System

The intelliRock III reader provides connectivity to loggers in the field so critical decisions can be made at the touch of a button. You can easily activate loggers to start tracking key data points during concrete curing. It features a built–in thermal imager for temperature profiling and onsite problem detection. Use the reader to input important notes and jobsite or location information specific to that logger.

intelliRock III Wireless Remote

Wireless Concrete Curing with LTE 4G Cellular

The intelliRock wireless system allows you to connect up to eight intelliRock III maturity or temperature loggers of any configuration to a wireless, remote radio box to access data directly from your computer or any web–enabled device. You’ll always have access to real–time temperature and strength information so you can quickly identify problems, make decisions, and streamline workflow. Download data from the loggers directly into intelliRock cloud software, straight from concrete placement.

intelliRock III Cloud Software

Cloud-Based Software for Concrete Temperature and Strength Monitoring

View real–time concrete strength and temperature data from a computer or mobile device with FLIR intelliRock III Cloud Software. Send data directly from intelliRock loggers to cloud software via cellular LTE 4G wireless remotes. Set up differential email alerts, create and send reports, see calibration curves, monitor the temperature profile of multiple loggers, and compare surface and internal temperature information by analyzing thermal images.

intelliRock III Temperature Logger

Real-Time Concrete Temperature Logger

intelliRock III Temperature Loggers can measure and document the temperature profiles and gradients of in–place concrete. Since a large number of sensors can be used with a single on–site reader, detailed temperature profiles can be easily and cost–effectively generated. intelliRock’s software tools also make temperature analysis and reporting a snap. The loggers are ideal for measuring and documenting temperatures in cold weather, mass pours, curing tanks, and moist curing rooms.

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