Extech MO290-P

Moisture Pin Probe

The MO290-P is a Moisture Pin Probe for use as spares or replacement probes with select Extech Moisture Meters (MO290/MO295/MO297/MO300). Includes two durable, sharp, 0.4" (1cm) length pins assembled on probe.

Extech MO290-PINS-EP

12 Replacement Pins for MO290-EP probe

The Extech Mo290-PINS-EP includes 12 pins in 2 sizes (6 each): 8.9 cm (3.5 in) for short depths and 16.5 cm (6.5 in) for deeper penetration. Two locking nuts are also included in the package.

Extech MO290-PINS-HP

20 Replacement Pins for MO290-HP probe

The Extech MO290-PINS-HP is a pack of spare or replacement pins for the MO290-HP Moisture Hammer Probe. Product includes 20 4 cm (1.6 in) long pins. Two locking nuts are also included to secure pins to the probe.

Extech MO290-RK

Water Restoration Contractor Kit

The Extech MO290-RK uses combination moisture meter/thermal hygrometer to capture all ambient conditions as well as moisture levels in one meter. Includes essential probes to measure moisture levels under baseboards, in between walls, and in hard wood and plywood subfloors. Use USB Humidity/Temperature datalogger for GPP calculations.

Extech MO50

Compact Pin Moisture Meter

The Extech MO50 is a compact pin moisture meter that can display moisture levels in wood and building materials including wall board, sheetrock, concrete, and mortar. With an audible alert that beeps faster as moisture levels increase, this compact meter is easy to use and understand. The MO50 complete with pins (installed on meter), protective cap, and 9V battery.

Extech MO50-PINS

Replacement Moisture Pins

The Extech MO50-PINS includes 10 durable, stainless steel replacement moisture pins. For use with the Extech MO50, MO53, and the FLIR MR55 moisture meters.

Extech MO55

Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Take quick moisture measurements from a range of building materials using the pin or pinless (non-invasive) method with the Extech MO55. This easy-to-operate moisture meter uses display icons to indicate moisture levels as well as offers an audible alert. It's ideal for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors, tiles, and under carpets is critical, and it's a must-have tool for analyzing the after-effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings.

Extech MO55W

Wireless Datalogging Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Quickly measure the moisture content in wood and other building materials with the Extech MO55W, offering your choice of Pinless (non-invasive) or Direct Pin method measurement. Using the wireless feature, Bluetooth® Datalogging Module, and the free ExView® W-Series App, you can transmit readings in real time to your smart devices, store over 15K readings for wireless transfer to generate a report/data analysis, add notes and readings to photos taken from your smart device camera, and use your smart device as a 2nd display for easy viewing or sharing. The MO55W is simple to operate and uses icons that indicate moisture content and alerts you when moisture levels exceed programmed limits.

Extech MO57

Pinless Moisture Meter

Take pinless, non invasive moisture measurements on wood and building materials without damaging the surface with Extech’s MO57 Moisture Meter. The ball moisture sensor provides smooth gliding on hard or delicate surfaces. It is easy to operate with display icons that indicate the levels of moisture content plus an audible alert feature. The MO57 can be ideal forrestoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors, tiles, and under carpets is critical. A must-have tool for analyzing the after effects of water leakage in walls, ceilings, and also on non flat surfaces.

Extech MO750

Soil Moisture Meter

The Extech MO750 Soil Moisture Meter has an integrated 8-inch heavy-duty moisture probe which monitors moisture levels in soil from 0% to 50% and easy 1-handed operation. Meter features a durable, water-resistant housing with a large LCD display, data hold to freeze the readings on the display, and minimum/maximum function. Comes with replaceable moisture probe (MO750-P), 4 AAA batteries, probe sensor cap, and user manual.