Remote detection & identification

The identiFINDER family of products detects dangerous threats, but can also identify the specific target threatening public safety. These products provide an extra layer of information that enables you to confidently take action in the line of duty.

identiFINDER R100

The rugged FLIR identiFINDER R100 personal radiation detector (PRD) delivers immediate threat alarms to keep front-line responders safe and features integrated Bluetooth® connectivity that enables situational awareness beyond the front-line and up the chain of command.

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identiFINDER R100

identiFINDER R200

A rugged, pager-sized spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) featuring a CsI detector (7.5% resolution) with next-generation solid state detector read-out technology. It is ANSI N42.32 and ANSI N42.48 compliant with identification for gamma sources. This product has a long-lasting internal rechargeable battery with additional external battery compartment for extended field situations and is ideal for routine, every day wear.

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identiFINDER R200

identiFINDER R300

A high-resolution spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD) that provides gamma and neutron detection and full identification capability using CZT detectors (3.5% resolution). It features a bright, transflective color screen, Bluetooth®, GPS, and full web interface connectivity. This product is the ideal solution for high-fidelity, belt-worn passive scanning.

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identiFINDER R400

The best all-around handheld radiation detection and identification product you can find. With over 15,000 devices in the field, the identiFINDER R400 is the most trusted radio-isotope identification device (RIID) worldwide. This product is the ideal solution for all-purpose surveying, emergency response and environmental monitoring.

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identiFINDER R500

The fastest and most sensitive radionuclide identification device (RID) for detection and identification of radiation sources. The identiFINDER R500 is as easy to use as it is powerful. This product is the ideal solution for truck and cargo checks, large area scanning and for locating and identifying shielded sources.

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