Fido® B1

Fido B1

Single Button Particle Collector

Emergency situations are no place for chemistry set-ups and delicate instrumentation. The Fido B1 (BioCapture 650) was designed for first responders working in unfamiliar, challenging and dangerous environments. Fido B1 collects potential aerosolized biological threats such as anthrax, plague, smallpox, and tularemia and offers cutting edge air sampling in a rugged, lightweight package. This handheld unit offers large single button operation that allows responders to quickly execute sampling missions and proceed to other objectives.

The Fido B1 collects micron and submicron airborne particles and soluble vapors onto a pre-assembled, disposable cartridge. After each sampling mission, simply snap-in a replacement cartridge and operators are ready for the next mission. There are no internal lines to decontaminate, no sand or dirt to clean out of moveable parts and corners. The Fido B1 simplifies bio sampling preparedness and offers zero cross contamination between samples.

Whether the user is in a hot zone dressed in Level A or MOPP-IV gear, or performing intermittent air sampling in a mail room, operating the Fido B1 is effortless and extremely cost effective. It is battery operated for use in both indoor and outdoor tactical response missions. The Fido B2 provides the user with an effective and easy-to-use instrument for fast, safe and efficient biological agent collection.