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Thermal Imaging Cameras for sUAS

Taking thermal imaging to new heights


FLIR sUAS thermal imaging products:


FLIR Duo & Duo R

Take thermal to new heights with the FLIR Duo: a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones.




FLIR Vue™ brings affordable thermal imaging that is easy to integrate and easy to use to every small unmanned aircraft.



FLIR Vue Pro

The Vue™ Pro combines Vue’s powerful, affordable thermal imaging with on-camera recording and flight controller integration to create a turnkey thermal camera and data collection device in one affordable package.



FLIR Vue Pro R

The new Vue™ Pro R is more than a thermal imager – it captures accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective and saves images with calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel.



DJI Zenmuse XT

Fully integrated into the DJI ecosystem on Inspire 1 and M100 aircraft, the Zenmuse XT from FLIR and DJI is the ultimate solution for reliable, rapid-deployable aerial thermal imaging for commercial drone applications.



FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging Kits

Now you can get everything you need to get a thermal imaging drone up and running in one easy package. Combining the Inspire 1, Zenmuse XT, and a variety of accessories, these packages have configurations for every application from fire fighting to building inspection.