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FLIR regularly publishes application stories where you can read how our customers are using FLIR infrared cameras and thermal imaging solutions.

FLIR thermal imaging camera increases security and helps to navigate safely at night

Fukuoka marina is located on the northern coast of Kyushu, Japan.  Located at Fukuoka marina, the Marine Club Navy uses FLIR Systems’ thermal imaging cameras to increase safety on the waters and in the marina. Thermal imaging helps to protect valuable assets and helps to navigate in open water as well.

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Thermal Imaging Shows the Way to a Safer Sydney Harbour

Harbour City Ferries has developed as a high-reliability organisation concerned with the safety of its staff, vessels and other users of Sydney Harbour. Now its entire fleet are equipped with FLIR M320L thermal imaging cameras to further improve safety on the waters of Sydney. Sydney’s ferries have been servicing Sydney Harbour for more than 135 years. Harbour City Ferries operate approximately 175,000 services, transporting nearly 15 million people 1.3 million kilometers across the busy and scenically beautiful Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River each year.

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Genoa Pilot Corps installs FLIR thermal imaging camera on board of its vessels.

A city of art and a metropolis facing the sea, Genoa grew around the port, a natural inlet that has always been a place of thriving traffic and business exchanges.

The Port of Genoa, favoured by its strategic geographic location, is placed at the centre of the important industrial and commercial area of northern Italy and southern Europe. With a trade volume of 51.6 million tonnes, it is the busiest port of Italy when measured by cargo. The Port of Genoa covers an area of about 700 hectares of land and 500 hectares on water, stretching for over 22 kilometres along the coastline, with 47 km of maritime water ways and 30 km of operative quays.

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Thermal imaging cameras help oil tankers navigate safely through ice infested waters.

Navigating an oil tanker in open water is very challenging. It becomes even more difficult and dangerous when this needs to be done in ice infested waters. Shipping companies are more and more concerned about the safety of ice-class tankers during sub-zero operation and are looking for equipment that can help to detect ice in arctic waters from a far distance so that collisions can be avoided. This growing concern is reinforced by the Oil Companies International Maritime Forum (OCIMF) recommendations.

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'Iceberg ahead!

The earth’s Polar Regions are considered by many seafarers to be among the most challenging environments in the world. The combination of extremely long nights, harsh weather and icebergs can make a trip through Arctic and Antarctic waters dangerous. Nowadays these trips can be made safer by using a thermal imaging camera from FLIR Systems. Thermal imaging can help seafarers to find the safest path through the ice.

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'FLIR thermal imaging cameras are a great tool'

The wide range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras for maritime purposes is finding its way to a wide variety of ships. Ocean liners, tow boats, cruise ships, rescue boats and many other types of vessels have been enhanced with thermal imaging cameras from FLIR.
A very promising segment of the maritime industry is the category yachts. More and more yacht owners are incorporating FLIR thermal imaging cameras in their vessel's set of equipment.

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Mr. Ferretti, Chairman of Ferretti Group

The new nautical year 2007 – 2008 was opened at the Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes. This year, the exhibition celebrated its 30th birthday in one of the most prestigious French Riviera bays. Traditionally the show in Cannes is followed by the Monaco Yacht Show, the Genova International Boat Show and Mets in Amsterdam, to name just a few.

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Thermal imaging helps ensure boater safety on Lake Constance

Bordered by three countries it is no wonder that the beautiful Lake Constance – or Bodensee as it is called in the German language – is traversed by hundreds of people each year. A number of rescue societies make sure that these people can safely enjoy its wonders. On the Swiss side of the lake that task is fulfilled by the Seerettungsdienst Arbon, with the aid of a FLIR M-Series thermal imaging camera.

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Thermal imaging, A technology ready to further conquer the world

We are living in a day and age where new technologies are brought to market faster than ever before. One technological breakthrough is often quickly leading to another. A new technology is often introduced even before people can familiarize themselves with the previous one. New products, based on these new technologies, are being launched continuously.

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FLIR Systems Mariner turns night into day

Yacht and boat owners want to enjoy themselves together with friends and family on their vessel. They enjoy the freedom of being able to go where they want and to discover new places. Although modern yachts are equipped with radar and other equipment that can help to avoid these hazards, there is a new tool available as well. Thermal imaging can help to protect a vessel, its passengers and crew.

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Avoiding collisions in port and in open water

Cement carrier installs thermal imaging camera to avoid deadly accidents.

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Inland skippers use thermal imaging to navigate through tight spots at night

One of the commercial skippers that recognized the potential FLIR thermal imaging cameras have for commercial shipping is the German inland skipper Rolf Bach. “The first time I saw thermal imaging cameras demonstrated on the barge of one of my colleagues I immediate knew I had to get one for my own barge combination ‘El Niño’, ‘La Niña’.”

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FLIR M-Series helps to ensure passenger safety at the Lisbon ferries

Several ferries are travelling up and down the river all day. But it’s not just ferries crossing the river: ships of all sizes and shapes traverse the Tagus. And when darkness or smoke impedes vision this can lead to dangerous situations. To avoid collisions, the new Lisbon ferries have been enhanced with FLIR M-Series thermal imaging cameras.

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With a thermal imaging camera down the Neva

FLIR Systems Navigator Pan/Tilt facilitates night-time navigation.

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FLIR cameras help save lives in Norwegian waters

Everyone that has been at sea at night will agree that being able to see in the dark is a very important asset to any sailor, but for the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR) it quite literally makes the difference between life and death.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras ideal for oil detection

Oil recovery is an important task that needs to be performed quickly and effectively in order to be successful. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are an ideal tool to help the oil recovery teams to do their job effectively.

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Seeing in total darkness in a maritime environment

Practically all of us associate the sea with holidays and fun, but it can be a dangerous place,
especially in nighttime and bad weather. Yachts collide with other vessels, run on cliffs or other objects resulting in heavy damages and sometimes even loss of life. Some of these accidents happen in open water, others while navigating in harbors and ports.

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FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras on Sunseeker yachts.

Poole is a small town located on the southern shores of the UK, within a large natural
harbour. This coastal town is a tourist destination in the traditional county of Dorset. But
Poole is more than just a tourist attraction: it is the home of Sunseeker International, one of
the most renowned yacht builders in the world.

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