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Proven rugged and reliable sensors, cameras, and systems

FLIR Systems offers a wide array of thermal and multi-sensor imaging systems for navigation,
close support and surveillance, and long-range surveillance.

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FLIR Handheld Thermal Cameras | FLIR Marine

FLIR Handheld Thermal Cameras

Accessible Thermal Night Vision

Thermal technology in a compact and affordable format - FLIR Handheld cameras provide go-anywhere thermal night vision for everyone on the water!


FLIR Fixed Mount Thermal Cameras

FLIR Fixed Mount Thermal Cameras

Advanced Thermal Night Vision

FLIR maritime thermal imagers display the invisible heat energy from a myriad of potential hazards, including floating debris, shipping lane traffic, vessels riding at anchor, and small boats.


Raymarine Electronics | Raymarine by FLIR

Raymarine Electronics

Multifunction Navigation, Radar, Autopilots and more...

Raymarine products are engineered to deliver the very best in visual navigation information and with a legacy of marine technology spanning over 80 years.


Case Studies

Learn more about how others are using FLIR & Raymarine systems on the water.

Norwegian Search and Rescue

Everyone that has been at sea at night will agree that being able to see in the dark is very important, but for the Norwegian Society for Search and Rescue it quite literally makes the difference between life and death.
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5 Reasons Maritime First Responders Need Thermal Imaging

Missions for public safety boats are expanding at a terrific rate beyond their traditional roles in enforcing the law and keeping the peace.
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Oil Spill Detection with Infrared Imaging

Oil recovery is an important task that needs to be performed quickly and effectively in order to be successful. FLIR thermal imaging cameras are an ideal tool to help the oil recovery teams to do their job effectively.
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Maritime Public Safety

With growing awareness of the safety and vulnerability of those boaters operating along our county's waterways, missions for public safety boats are expanding at a terrific rate. Officers crewing these vessels fi nd themselves involved in missions as diverse as law enforcement, search and rescue, SCUBA operations, conducting harbor safety patrols,helping out disabled boaters, and lending a hand with homeland security missions.
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Video & Image Gallery

See for Yourself What You Can Do With Thermal Imaging.
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Maritime first responders video library.
Sample IR Imagery from FLIR Voyager
Sample IR Imagery from FLIR Voyager
Sample IR Imagery from FLIR MLS
Sample IR Imagery from FLIR MLS