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FLIR Announces Thermal Fire Sensor for Rail Coaches

Monday, September 19, 2016


Today FLIR introduced the FLIR RSX-F, a thermal sensor designed for advanced fire detection and passenger safety inside rail coaches. The FLIR RSX-F uses FLIR’s low-cost Lepton® thermal sensor, and high-definition visual imaging for fire and occupancy detection as well as security (CCTV) monitoring.

Mounted on rail coach walls or ceilings, the FLIR RSX-F uses the Lepton-based thermal sensor and on-board fire detection algorithms to detect a fire faster and more accurately than conventional methods, like fire alarms or visible cameras. The FLIR RSX-F detects thermal energy emitted from objects within its field of view and sees through smoke.

The dynamic video detection algorithms also determine the size, rate of temperature increase, and movement of a hot spot. This approach allows for lower false alarms by distinguishing fires from everyday heat sources like cigarettes or lighters.

RSX-F also measures seat occupancy in a passenger train, which allows train operators improve passenger flow and comfort by sensing the temperature and adjusting train-based HVAC systems.

FLIR is demonstrating the RSX-F sensor for the first time today at the Innotrans 2016 trade show in Berlin, Germany, from September 20 – 23, 2016 (Hall 4.1, booth #108). Stop by if you’re at the show, or for more information about the FLIR RSX-F, visit