A: FLIR ONE retails for €245.99 and FLIR ONE Pro retails for €491.99.
A: In addition to purchasing through, FLIR ONE is available worldwide from major retailers including Amazon and Apple.
A: If you're interested in becoming a channel partner for FLIR ONE, please contact Keith Geck at


A: We are driven to create the world’s best thermal imaging experience. Your login provides us with a mechanism to provide services.
  1. Creating an account records the start date of the warranty period on your new FLIR ONE and eliminates online product registration.
  2. We have additional features under development including cloud backup and restore, multiple device sharing, image processing, collaborative albums, hardware firmware updates, and more. Many of these features require user identification and security.
A: We will offer you more advanced features such as cloud collaboration and processing as they become available. We would also like the opportunity to engage in a dialog with you to hear your feedback and what you want us to build. We will provide you with promotions that related to the product that you have registered.
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A: We need your login to provide you with warranty start date, new services, future features and security. If you do not want to create a user account, we will provide you with a full refund.


A: The latest generation of FLIR ONE is compatible with Apple products with a Lightning connector and many Android devices with USB-C. Check here for a description of the platform requirements and a list of Android devices that have been tested and confirmed to work with the FLIR ONE.
A: With the new OneFit™ feature on both devices, the connector will adjust up to an additional 4mm in length. This length is compatible with most protective cases, so you don’t have to choose between thermal vision and safeguarding your device.
A: The FLIR ONE software developer’ kits (SDKs) for the 3rd generation products will be available end of summer. The SDKs and other developer tools for iOS and Android will be available free of charge at

For information on the FLIR ONE Developer Program visit or contact Cal Loo at
A: For a list of all approved FLIR ONE apps please visit our Apps Gallery here.

Android Model

A: The latest generation of FLIR ONE is available for Android devices with a USB-C connector. For a list of compatibility criteria and a list of all Android phones tested to be compatible so far, click here.

We will release a version of FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro compatible with phones and tablets with micro USB connectors later this summer. Sign up here to pre- register


A: Thermal imaging makes the otherwise invisible world of heat energy visible to your eyes. Everything around you either emits or reflects heat energy. For example, with FLIR ONE, when you look around a room in your home, you can see where doors and windows are not well insulated. You might see a wall switch is slightly warm that could indicate a pending problem or overloaded circuit. The list of uses is long and will grow dramatically as customers discover this unseen portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visit for educational information on how thermal imaging can and will be useful in everyday life, and discover this previously invisible world first-hand.


A: Available in either iOS or Android hardware versions, FLIR ONE Pro features:
  • A more powerful thermal sensor combined with advanced image processing, VividIR™ for crisper and clearer thermal images.
  • More camera features including multiple spot meters, customizable areas of interest, IR scale and scene dynamic rage of up to 400˚C (752˚F).
A: You can see a hot spot or detect something hot a lot farther away than you can measure a hot spot. And how far you can see or detect a hot spot is a function of how hot the object is relative to its surroundings. The bigger the temperature difference, the easier it is to see. Most of the cameras can detect temperature differences of .1°C or better.

Thermal cameras, like visible cameras can see as far as your eye can see in most cases. Whether you will “see something” at a given distance depends on the size of the size of the object and the contrast. The difference is that we are talking about thermal contrast, not color contrast as with visible cameras. The rules are slightly different in the thermal world in that we are looking for objects that are hotter or cooler than their surroundings. Typically, the FLIR One will detect a human from about a 100’, but in this image, we can clearly see the sun (don’t try this at home) at about 93 million miles away.
A: The FLIR One will detect a person at about 30m (or 100’) under good conditions, meaning you will see a hot spot. With the FLIR One PRO under the same conditions you will detect a person at about 40m (or 130’).

How far away you will be able to detect a person using a thermal imager is a function of the lens field of view (FOV), the number of pixels and the ambient temperature (or the difference between a person and the surrounding temperature). These are optimal conditions with a cool background and a warm human, so results will vary with environmental conditions.
A: No. The second and third generation FLIR ONE features automatic tuning and thus will not require the user to periodically reset the thermal sensor.
A: FLIR ONE operates at 0 °C – 35 °C (32°F – 95°F) . It also features an enhanced scene temperature range of -20 °C – 120 °C (-4˚F - 248˚F)

If you want to detect objects at a higher temperature, the FLIR ONE Pro operates at 0 °C – 35 °C (32°F – 95°F) and can detect temperature from -20 °C – 400 °C (-4 °F – 752 °F).
A: No. The attachment includes an internal battery, ensuring that the FLIR ONE won’t drain the respective battery of the attached device.
A: Tap the Features icon in the bottom right of the Camera screen and select MSX distance. Slide to adjust. Tap Features icon to exit.
A: The FLIR One & FLIR ONE Pro battery lasts about 45 minutes when being used continuously.
A: There are several reasons someone would buy a C2, C2 or E Series over a FLIR One:
  • The FLIR ONE requires that you use your cell phone, and when it’s connected to the FLIR One it’s not exactly an industrial hardened tool. The C2, C3, EX are much more rugged than your cellphone.
  • Most buyers report that they want to pass the tool around to other users. The C2, C3, Ex make this easy. Other team members could download the app, but not everyone carries the same type of phone.
  • The C2, C3, Ex are more ergonomic that the FLIR ONE. Cell phones are hard to hold onto and have to be held by the edges when connected to the FLIR One. This is fine for quick inspections, but it’s not very good for longer inspections.
  • The battery life is more than twice that of a FLIR ONE (45 minutes on a FLIR ONE, 2 hours on a C2) and the E Series has rechargeable, field replaceable batteries like other commercial tools.